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Car rental in the Azores – the complete guide

We introduce you to the most complete and detailed guide you can find about all the topics related to car rental in the Azores archipelago.

When you decide to travel in this paradise above the Atlantic Ocean, besides the issues raised about the airline company, accommodation and leisure activities, car rental is also a quite important subject. There are several questions emerging at the time we want to choose the best or the cheapest car rental in the Azores. But will the cheapest come with some potential problems? Why is it cheaper?

We understand all your questions and it is precisely thinking about them that we gather complete and detailed answers about the most frequent questions raised by car rental in the Azores islands.

Rent a Car Azores

Car rental in the Azores

In the Azores there are more than 100 car rental companies without driver. Some are subsidiaries from companies that expand their business between the islands, thus allowing a wider choice to the loyal customers who prefer the brand.

The car rental companies not only have the car hire available, but many also arrange in their fleet other vehicles, such as:

  • Passenger cars,
  • Motorcycles,
  • Mopeds,
  • Tricycles,
  • Quadricycles.

In conclusion, the azorean company suppliers provide a wide offer and the vehicle rental should be a trouble-free process. It is also possible to rent a car in any island of the archipelago. 

Should I rent a car in the Azores?

The answer to your question, in a quick and direct way: it depends. There is no right or precise answer to this question, since it differs from the type of tourism you intend to make. It depends on your ideals and leisure activities plans, like exploring by yourself or taking tour groups using public transportation instead.

Rent a Car Azores

Nature lovers

It is argued that the holidays in the Azores should be made through the most direct contact with nature, in which the dismissal of a vehicle could be a part of that plan. Thus, you can use alternative transport, like public transportation, only for the most distant journeys from the urban zone. The remaining journey can be made by hiking with a backpack, covering hundreds of kilometers through the island. It is an excellent option and certainly you will pass by places and experience moments that would not be possible by car but, of course, that choice is up to you.

Not enjoying driving

A lot of tourists also choose private or guided group tours, through tourism activities company. Being on holidays and driving, for those who spends hours doing it throughout the year, could be something that stains your vacations. An excellent option for people, who does not enjoy driving or simply does not want to during the holidays, is to opt for a guided tour company. It will take you to the main tourist attractions while you can enjoy the view the whole journey.

Enjoying driving and freedom of schedule

At last, if you like to control your time to the fullest and enjoy driving, always having a vehicle available at any schedule, to rent a car will be a valid option indeed. Renting a car allows you to have the schedule freedom (in a guided or private tour, it will be limited in time). In case you want some more time to appreciate the view or local, for instance, you will be limited to the time of the activity conclusion.

A lot of tourists prefer to rent a car in the Azores precisely because of the freedom to explore nature, at their own pace (that could be also related to the length of stay in the archipelago). Start and arrive at any wished schedule and stop in the tourist site without the time pressure. Comparing it to the previous point, there is the disadvantage that you do not have a tourist guide to explain the history of the observed background.

Rental Car Azores Islands

Do I need to rent a car?

In conclusion of the points above-mentioned, it is up to you the choice to rent or not to rent a vehicle in the Azores. It is not a question with a right answer, although most of the tourist opt to rent a car and explore the islands at their own pace, everything depends on your personal taste and how you intend to spent your holidays: behind the wheel, to be guided by specialized tour companies or explore at your own pace without a vehicle.

With or without a vehicle we assure you that your stay will be incredible and you will enjoy an amazing holiday time. Review all the mentioned points about renting a vehicle and make your choice.

How to choose a car rental in the Azores?

To choose a car rental is not always that easy, since there are several conditions to consider and that will certainly raise questions before you proceed. Surely, one of the most important aspects to consider when renting a car is the price. However, there are more aspects to bear in mind such as:

  • Price
  • Deposit
  • Life/ Third-Party / All risks Insurance
  • Full to Full
  • Vehicle condition
  • Fuel
  • Manual or automatic

These are the main topics when choosing the company where you will rent your car. To help you out we list some quick points about these themes below.


This is an important factor, without any doubt. After all, besides all the other topics, this will have influence on your holidays’ budget. Even so, we highlight the fact that not always the price is the most important to consider and one should be cautious when considering only this aspect. You could rent a car for a cheap price and neglect the deposit topic. In this case, you must not only consider the budget of the vehicle rental value, but also the deposit value.


As pointed out before, there are rental companies that require a deposit. That means, a monetary value (presented according to several aspects established by the car rental) should be available – in case something happens to the vehicle – so the company could charge the costs involved from this same amount.

Normally, the deposit is requested as a sign of credit card, where the total amount stays “blocked” on your card in the favor of the company. When the vehicles rental is over, and if you return the car the way you received, the supplier will have no reason to withdraw your deposit.

The deposit is a guarantee for the rental company, since they are taking a risk of something happening to the vehicle and so, suffer financially. There are some companies that reject this option, upon a subscription of all-risks insurance.


When renting a vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the available insurance options. The third-party insurance is mandatory by law and it will be the basis of the chosen insurance. There are several additional insurance options that you could add to your rental and so, you can have more relaxed holidays in case something goes wrong. Some extra insurance that could come in hand:

  • All-risks insurance: this is one of the most subscribed when renting a car and it allows you the total rest during your holidays. In case something unfortunate happens, even a small scratch would not be a problem for you. The all-risks insurance covers these and other normal incidents that could happen to everyone, at any place.
  • Alloy wheel insurance: it is a valid insurance only for alloy wheels damage. We all know that sometimes a small distraction could lead the wheel to the sidewalk or even to hit a stone that could damage it. With the alloy wheel insurance, you will be sure that those situations would not be a problem, nor you will have extra expenses.

We recommend that you verify all available insurances and make your option regarding what best suits you. As mentioned before, with all-risks insurance option, in some car rental, the mandatory deposit is excluded. Evaluate the best option for you.

Mileage limit

Some vehicle rental offers come with a mileage limit, which charge by day or the total. The amount of the daily rental could be lightly cheaper that the other unlimited mileage offer. But choosing the last means you will not have additional worries on your holidays. Once more, evaluate what suits you better.

Full to full

This is a term used to define that the car is delivered to you with the gas tank full and should be delivered in the same way. In case you do not have these indications, it probably means that the car is delivered to you with the gas tank as it is at the time of the reservation, which will be noted on the rental form, and you should deliver it in the same way it was delivered to you.

In case of the full to full it will be easy since you will be sure that at the end, at the check-out, you just have to deliver the car with the tank full.

Vehicle condition

Most of the car rental in the Azores offers recent and modern fleet. Many have cars from the current year and with only a few days or months when you arrive. Check the photos available on the many companies’ websites or on the social media so you can have access to the available models, typology, seating capacity, among other factors that meet your taste and demands.


You will have at your disposal petrol or diesel vehicles. The diesel vehicles tend to be more economical on your daily routine, however – in the case of the Azores and considering the number of kilometers you intend to do – the petrol vehicle option is a fairly good one too. Be aware of this aspect on the time of the reservation, being the petrol cost per liter slightly higher than the diesel.

Manual or automatic

The vehicle gearbox is another important factor when renting a car. Depending on your personal preference and usual routine, you can chose between manual or automatic transmission. The value of the vehicle could differ according to its gearbox, so pay attention to this topic when making your choice.

How to rent a car in azores?

Requirements to rent a car

Renting a car is quite simple but at the same time there are some conditions attached to the process, as indicated before. Considering paperwork and legal issues, the following requirements and documents are mandatory when renting a car:

Minimum age

It is required that the person is a legal adult (+18) and has a driving license for category B.

Note: Some car rentals take into account the number of years that you possess a driving license. If you are a newbie with a fresh driver’s license, please take advice from the car rental regarding the conditions.

Required documents

  • Driving license
  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Credit Card

Renting a car at the airport or before travelling

It is recommended that you make the reservation ahead of your travel, assuring this way that when arriving to your destiny, the vehicle is waiting and everything is settled. In case you decide to rent it on the arrival time, at the airport, you can find some companies (not at every airport in the Azores) that have this service, taking a risk to be left to the available deals.

Renting at the arrival time or after checking in the hotel could cost you some time of your precious holidays and can often be a painstakingly process, overcomplicated by the required documents, insurance policies and deposits. This scenario is not ideal after a probably long trip, when you could make the whole process easier and without further problems before you initiate your travel (telephone or internet).

Picking up the car at the airport or hotel

For those who arrange the pick-up already at the airport, the journey starts right after the landing. By the other hand, if you have a reservation with an airport transfer to the hotel and intend that the vehicle will be at the hotel or be delivered there, the rental companies also offer that service. To do so, you should choose and indicate the pick-up and delivery location at the hotel. Check if this option will not come with extra costs since there could be pick-up/delivery fees.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

In the Azores, a vehicle rental cost varies based on several aspects as already pointed out. It is possible to find vehicles from 5€ per day, for instance. But as described before, the final cost will always depend on several aspects: vehicle, typology, fuel, mileage limit and insurance.

Tap the search engine available on our website and you will find the best car rentals from the Azores, at the best prices on this date:


Apart from the questions and topics above-mentioned, there are some recommendations that we would like to highlight:

  • Carefully inspect the condition of the vehicle upon collection and on delivery; supervise the control made by the employee during the inspection
  • Take into consideration the vehicle degree of soiling, since additional fees could be charged when you deliver an unclean vehicle
  • Verify the fuel level when renting the car and upon delivery
  • Always read the Terms and Condition to be sure of the details as each rental agreement and insurance policy differs from previous experiences. Thus, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and upcoming conflicts.

Now that you have all the needed information, chose your car rental and pick up a vehicle, which will help you to have a wonderful visit in the Azores.

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